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Belize City - Placencia - San Ignacio - Hopkins - Border

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Elias Guerra's Shuttle Service - Belize

  • Driver

    Your shuttle driver: Elias Guerra

    Elias is an expert and a excellent travel driver, who’s vision is to offer the most preeminent shuttle services in Belize. His amazing personality and knowledge of the Belizean highways and roads, gives you the advantage of learning new things and seeing new places.Unlike other transportation services, book a private shuttle with Elias and you can inquire about tours and special interests you want to experience in Belize.

    Guerra is a humble and appreciative man, who is greaful for evey transfer booked and sucessfully carried out. His shuttle company is a means to provide for his family. Thanks in Advance for Booking

  • The Vehicle

    The Shuttle Vehicle

    You’re probably on vacation and want to enjoy Belize as much as possible, Elias insures that his transportation is well maintained by employing only the best mechanic in the area, and carrying out a safety check to make sure all is in good order, which further guarantees you’re his passenger and safe and comfortable shuttle ride.

    For the past 15 years Elias has successfully transferred his passengers from one direction to another. He is also an experienced mechanic and can fix or find a solution to any problem that may occur. Elias takes pride in what he does and will make sure that you experience nothing but the best.

  • Travelling in Belize

    Ways of travelling in Belize

    There are many ways of moving around Belize, such as airplanes, bus or public transportation or even renting a car. All these means of getting around Belize are great but, a airplane is costly, public transportation is a hassle, and renting a car and driving, run the risk of being stuck on the road with minimal help. A private shuttle is the safest and most reliable of traveling in Belize.

    Why book a private shuttle when in Belize?
    Booking a private shuttle means you’re a getting an expert driver someone who can ensure that you are in good hands in time of emergency and well maintained vehicle. This combination along with great places to stop an enjoy Belize is what will make your private shuttle trip an awesome one. Belize City to Placencia, San Ignacio, Hopkins are amoung the most reguested destionation carriedd by Guerra Shuttle Service.

  • Top Shuttle Route

    Travel on your own time!

    Top Belize Shuttle routes of shuttle from Belize City:, International Airport or Water Taxi, to other destinations in country. Shuttle from San Ignacio to Placencia is also another top shuttle route, where guest book shuttle to either be pick-up or drop-off at either water taxi. San Ignacio Town is another highly destinations people book a shuttle for and like many destination Guerra do door to door transportation trafering you from Hotels, Resrot or AirBnBs. Guerra’s Shuttle frequently travel to these routes, which means she knows the road like the back of her hands.

    As you make your way to or from one destination to the next, be sure to ask about area where you can stop and take a break, after this is your private shuttle.